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Investment strategy

A “win-win” solution for renewable energy developers and institutional investors respectively

ETIC partners bring positive impacts and a stable risk-adjusted returns to investors


Energy Transition Europe

In an effort to capture the opportunity offered by the energy transition in Europe, Energy Transition International Capital is launching ETE, a pure Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund.

ETIC, a highly experienced team coming from the industry

  • Specific experience exiting from a minority position, and value creation through debt refinancing at a portfolio level
  • Strong track record in targeting, appraising and executing investments transaction in the competitive renewable energy environment

    Controlled risk with consistent Target IRR

    • Target IRR is achievable based on the following proven investment strategy (Balanced mix of natural resource / Diversified geography / Only brownfield or ready-to-build assets)
    • The fund will not be exposed to development phase risk

      An optimal balance between annual distributions and equity multiple at exit

      • Annual distribution made possible by predictable, recurring, and relatively low volatility cash flows (combination of solar PV and wind)
      • Long-term value given that assets behave as long-term concessions in a context of strong and growing energy demand

        Privileged access to a quality pipeline that ensures rapid deployment of investor funds